Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Determination

So I'm way behind....but that's nothing new!  I love blogging...it's fun for me to "try" to be creative and to try to keep family and friends up to date on our family.  We're not all that exciting, and sometimes I'm not sure what to post.  (I'm not one to brag!)  But, I've decided (once again) that I can do better with my blogging experience, without bragging.  I hope!  Who knows, maybe it'll just be a place for me to vent my frustrations and daily happenings...that's ok right!? 

With the starting of a New Year (holy cow it's already the middle of January) it's normal for people to look back and ponder their life.  What changes should be made, how can I better myself?  Well, for me..I have a lot I need to improve on (including getting rid of the stinkin "holiday weight"!)  Don't run faster than you can walk as we are admonished.  So, I'll take it a step at a time!  I think that what I need to work on most right now is patience....I can try at least!  For example, we're trying to potty train Lexi.  She is SO stinkin smart.  She sings songs, (with most all the words!) she knows what she wants, (and WHEN).  She knows that vegetables are healthy, so she refuses to eat them.  She KNOWS how to annoy her brother without fail; which buttons to push and when, etc.  (I could go on all day!) 
So, I decided it was time we try the potty thing (again).  She knows what's going on...she knows what's supposed to happen and where to go...so why does she refuse and think it's funny to go potty on the floor!  I don't get it!  Patience...I believe I'll have it one day!  (I hope it's not when my kids are all grown up and I have grandkids!)  Laugh if you must.....it's ok, really!  Laugher is the best medicine!   

Monday, October 18, 2010


Dylan had his 6 month dental check up and cleaning today.  Yay-no cavities!!!  Good brushing Dyl!  He's so excited about his new toothbrush (plus he gets his OWN floss and toothpaste...you would think it was Christmas!)  They were even able to get 2 x-rays!  He is such a gagger...this is the first time we got pictures!  Hopefully next time we can get some pictures of his molars! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fire Station Field Trip

Dylan is SO excited to be in preschool this year!  He thinks he is so cool now that he gets to go to school as well!  He always takes his McQueen backpack, although he rarely puts any of his papers in it...don't know why!  He likes to hold them instead!  He's such a funny boy!!   Dyl loves his teachers at Wee Friends - thanks Ms. Julie, Ms. Angie, and Ms. Jen for making school so much fun! 
I was able to go with Dyl and his class to the Logan Fire Station.  Dyl loves firetrucks, especially because Grandpa Yates and his two favorite Uncles Dusty and Derek are firefighters in Brigham City.
 We learned all about fire safety and they even turned on the cool flashing lights for us!  The kids had so much fun.  Dyl and his friend Josh Shumway were being silly (I promise Dyl isn't crying!) and hardly ever left each others' sides! 
Thanks to the Logan firefighters for their presentation and for being so patient with the kids!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Katelin turned 7 on July 21st!

Katelin LOVES butterflies....so of course that's what cake pan she picked out for her cake!
Katelin is a very spoiled 7 year old!! She choose to go to Build a Bear for her birthday! She made a very cute and cuddly pink bear. Granny, Aunt Jen, and Sage (cousin) were able to come with us to celebrate her special day!

While we were at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, we decided to let the kids play in the water fountains. They had a blast!!


Alexis turned TWO on July 15th! We can't believe our baby girl has grown up so fast! She choose a carebear cake pan for her birthday! We enjoyed celebrating her birthday with lots of family!
To celebrate her birthday, we decided to take the kids to feed the ducks! She was in heaven! Even mom and dad had fun!!

Wow!! I got my birthday card and a dollar from Great Aunt Neen...how special am I!?? Is she excited or what!?!

She is very independent and loves life!
Lexi is full of giggles and loves singing. But when it comes to bedtime.....she makes her daddy sing to HER!

Catching up!

I've been so lousy at blogging! But, I hope to catch you up on all the fun stuff going on out our house!
We put our house up for sale in May...and are still trying to sell it! We love our ward, neighbors and friends we have made here, but we have out grown our home and need to upgrade! We don't have a house picked out yet, the market is so scary right now! We're mostly waiting to sell ours first. We really like Hyrum and Nibley...not sure where we'll end up though.

Friday, September 4, 2009

This is one of my favorite pictures! Dylan loves both of his grandpas to death...but has always had a special relationship with Grandpa Yates! He stayed by Grandpas side throughout our whole visit to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Love you Dad...thanks for being you!